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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Interpretation and Meaning Dream about seeing a Cockroaches

As we know that cockroaches are a nasty insect that often appears in places that are not very clean or the other mean that cockroach is the dirty insect. Many people fear this insect. But, When you have dreaming about the cockroaches and do they bring up same symbolism as they do in real life.
We will try to explain and give little of information about dreaming about cockroach like dreaming about seeing a cockroach.

We already know and understand that everyone has their single dreaming each other, sometimes dreaming is just a bonus of sleep well, or even dreaming has its meaning each other . in this article we will try to explain the hidden meaning of dreaming about seeing a cockroach. Probably we can be dreaming about cockroach because of a phobia, or we have ever heard about them or even see them somewhere in the day. Seeing the cockroach in your dreaming is a good sign. It has meant that you will meet someone wealthy and influential. This person can also be very powerful and important in the community, and you will have the privilege to get close to this person. If you play your moves right, you maybe even get chance to move to your job place or in your life in general.

Dream about cockroach-like see it in your dreaming also means that you will get the big lucky, or maybe you still join in a competition and you will get lucky and you might win something big. Cockroaches also represent a raise or bonus at work, and in general, this dreaming will bring you a lot of luck, even though it is not the most pleasant dreaming that you can have and bother your sleep. 

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Interpretation and Meaning of Dream of Cockroach of unprecedented Size

We know that cockroaches are one of the insect species that’s associated with human habitat, even we can found this insect species at our own home. A lot of people have a fear of cockroach, that is why many people who are Katsaridaphobia or have an extra fear of cockroaches . and Almost of cockroach size is small, but much bigger than the ants. Every single species of cockroach has different size each other.  Even there is a species of a cockroach who has big size; it has the length of 9.0 cm and width of more than 3.8 cm. When you have dreaming of cockroaches, it always gives the sign for you; it becomes a bad sign or even good sign for your life.

 dream about cockroaches

There are many kinds about the dream of cockroach, such as you dream about cockroaches attack that has a bad meaning, you can dream about cockroach on your food that means it brings negativity, or even you can dream about killing a cockroach that has a good meaning. If you dream of the cockroach with unprecedented size or be a little monster. I know you will shock and forced to wake up after seeing its appearance in your dream. But you do not need to worry about it, and you can continue your rest safely.

It is just a sign that you will have life shortly that will be fine and do not to worry anymore. But it will not wrong if you still take care of your life cause you will not know what will happen in the future, and you will never know with whom you will meet in the future.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Dream about Cockroaches, are you Katsaridaphobia?

Have you ever hear about the phobia? Yeah! Almost all of the human in the world has an aversion; it means all of the humans in the world have an extra fear with something, even their other fear can give lousy effect for themselves or even for people are around them. One of the most of the phobias that people experienced is Katsaridaphobia. It is a phobia of cockroaches, where people who have katsaridaphobia will have extra fear when they meet cockroach, or even they will dream about cockroaches so they will not be comfortable to sleep and make them have insomnia for a long night. Even the effects of this phobia will be more fatal; they can faint if they see a cockroach or touch it.

 dream about cockroaches

If you are katsaridaphobia, there is the most of medicine that you should get to treat your phobia is therapy. It always becomes great step choice that you should choose if you would like to treat your phobia. Actually to treat your phobia will be successful if your self and you're should getting ready to let the fear of you go away .and if you can do it, it is also helpful to overcome panic attacks or extreme anxiety when you are in the situation where cockroach is in there.

If you are ready to treat your phobia, the people who treat you or the psychology will try to understand the roof of the cause of your hatred. The most of the causes of people who have katsaridaphobia are because their bad experiences of cockroach, maybe they have ever got a surprise from them and the gift was a cockroach , or even they have ever got cockroach attack in somewhere.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

dreaming about cockroaches and ants

A man sent me a message via Twitter, and he told me that he was dreaming about cockroaches and ants Though he feels a little bit afraid of his dreams, he wants to know what the meaning and interpretation of his dream is.

dreaming of cockroaches

Ask the meaning of dreaming about cockroaches and ants.

Does dreaming about cockroaches and ants have meaning? For more details, please see the full story.

"Do you know if cockroaches surround your body? I still remember a few days ago that I dreamed about cockroaches and ants crawling."

After I heard the story, then dreaming about cockroaches and ants experienced by a single man born Tuesday, 34 years ago and has a Pisces zodiac's

Interpretation to dreaming about cockroaches and ants

It is complicated to understand the meaning of a dream but dreaming about cockroaches and ants.

The meaning of dreaming about cockroaches and ants is: After I understand your dream story, your dream possibly has the sense that the person you care about is suffering. Not because of economic factors but he wants to help you, but he can not afford.

Besides, dreaming about cockroaches and ants can also have a meaning like this: There is something good that you will get even if it does not look right for you. You can take advantage of this situation to earn a fortune.

Wait a minute, whether dreaming about cockroaches and ants that have the meaning as above will become a reality? Perhaps a more definitive answer you can see my post that reviews in full and details about the meaning of dreaming about cockroaches and ants.

The meaning of dreaming about cockroaches and ants according to Islamic

It seems, so exaggerating if the meaning of dreaming about cockroaches and ants is associated with religion. This blog only gives explanations/ predictions/ estimates/interpretations universally that can be understood by all people and all religions whether it is the religion of Islam, Christian, Hindu, Budha, Catholic, and others because in religion there are only two categories of dreams, a good dream, and nightmare. Understanding of good dreams and nightmares according to religion understanding of good dreams and nightmares according to religion If a 34-year-old dreaming about cockroaches and ants and he asks about the meaning of the dream according to religion (islam.kristen, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddha, etc.), then I will give two opinions. i.e., your dream can enter the dream category nice if after you dream about the cockroach, you become a better person and more obedient to god. And the dream can also enter the nightmare category if after you dream you become a worse person and commit many sins.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Meaning of Dreaming about Cockroaches Crawling on You

Have you ever hear about dreaming of cockroaches has proper meaning and even can bring good luck. But not all of dreaming about cockroaches have the good meaning; even it can become like a bad sign for your life or for your health such as dream about a cockroach that is on you has negative mean. It represents a possible accident you might get into, or maybe you will put your self in harm in some ways. Take extra care of your health during this period and make sure to visit the doctor, if you feel that something is not right with your body.

dreaming of cockroaches

 So you have to take care of your health, this is the sign for you to keep your health, try to consume good food for your health.I dream about a cockroach that is on you as the sign for your health, how about a dream of cockroaches that’s crawling on you? It is also a bad sign for you; it reminds you to be extra beware, more ever if you are an active person who has a lot of activities, you have to beware while walking on the streets.

If you had a dream about cockroach where it was crawling on your leg or the other body parts. Then you should be more carefully, perhaps you will find danger in somewhere, so it is better if you do not to stumble, be careful when you walk so you do not slip, or even do not to cross the road in front of the traffic for a while. The danger always lurks us in everywhere, so however you do not have the dream about the cockroach , that is not wrong if you try to be more careful when you go anywhere.

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