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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cause You can Dream About Ccockroaches

In this post, I will continue on the topic that I have discussed several times, namely about the meaning of dreaming of cockroaches. You must already know that every dream brings its own meaning, whether it is shown to you or to remind your friend or relative. however, before you decide that it is a guidance dream for you, it would be nice to know why you can dream about cockroaches.

What is a dream?

Before I discuss the cause why you can dreaming about cockroaches. I will explain in advance about what is a dream? Dreams include images, thoughts or emotions experienced during sleep. Dreams can be very clear as if they are actually being experienced but dreams can also be very abstract. There are several theories that discuss dreams. One of the most famous is the psychoanalysis theory of Sigmund Freud. According to this theory, dreams are a reflection of our subconscious, because many thoughts and desires that can not be expressed or attained on the conscious condition, eventually appear in the form of dreams.

In his famous book The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud states that dreams consist of two distinct components: manifest content and latent content. Manifest content consists of real images as well as the thoughts and meanings of the dream content as they are. Latent content is the hidden meaning of the dream's meaning. So dreams are the hidden psychological symbols. Freud viewed dreams as activities to add to sleep by displaying the wishes that have been fulfilled in the dream. So dreams are seen as releasing tension.

Why Can You Dream of the cockroaches?

In some of my studies, one can be dreaming about cockroaches is caused by several factors. Before you make sure that the cockroach dream is a sign, you should pay attention to several factors below:


Katsaridaphobia is the name of someone who has a phobia of cockroaches. he will feel very scared, panic or feel very anxious when seeing insects roaches. in fact, I've seen someone who has katsaridaphobia screaming very hysterically when he saw pictures of cockroaches. if you have a phobia against cockroaches, your dreams may be affected by your hallucinations that think cockroaches are so frightening that they enter your dreams.

The Stress Mind

The second cause, why you can dream of cockroaches is caused by stressful thoughts. A panicked and unsettled mind will always focus on a problem and continue to haunt it. I once met someone who often dreams about cockroaches, he told me whether his dream has a meaning? Then I asked him, do you have a phobia against cockroaches? he replied no. Then I asked again, whether lately you are bothered by pests? Whether it be rats, flies or other insects? He replied, yes. I am very frustrated with the presence of cockroaches in my home. I've tried to get rid of it, but they keep coming and coming again. After that, I looked into his house and I was shocked. His house is so messy and dirty. no wonder if the house there are many cockroaches. Then I told my client, forget about the meaning of dreaming cockroaches, now clean your house and dislodge all the cockroaches. because your dreams caused your mind stress thinking about a lot of cockroaches in your home.

It's a sign

If you do not have a phobia against cockroaches, and you do not stress the cockroaches and you dream about cockroaches. most likely it is a sign. You can find the meaning of your dream in my post entitled ALL ABOUT DREAMING OF COCKROACHES or you can find my other post that more detail about the dream of cockroaches.
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