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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The creepy things of cockroaches dream

Most of the people do not like the cockroaches because it's dirty and can bring a lot of diseases. It makes the cockroaches dangerous for health. Not just for health, in dreaming about cockroaches also shows the bad signs in your life. So you must be careful. Here is the dream about cockroaches and the dark side of it.

11 creepy things when dreaming about cockroaches

- See the big cockroaches

This is means that there is something significant which full of bad things in your life. So that you should pay attention to what is going on in your life.

- Dead cockroach

This is means that something good (quality) in your life has been a decrease or disappear. Some people said that its related to psychology.

- The cockroaches out from your body

The cockroach is dirty if it is out of your body means that something nasty in your body must be reduced. Maybe it is about bad attitude, probity, honesty or sincerity.

- Raising the cockroaches

It signs that there will be small fight or competition with people around you. The raising cockroach also shows there is something terrible that you kept in your life.

- See the cockroaches in the bed

This is for the couple. It's the sign that you need communication with your wife or your husband because something dirty already arises between you and your partner.

- See the cockroaches

In general means, there is the disappointment in what you have done. This also depends on the size of the cockroaches, if it is significant so the frustration might be significant too.

- See the cockroaches in the food that you are going to eat

As mentioned before that cockroaches are dirty, so it means that something terrible is going to happen for yourself such as sick or got the problem.

- Eat the cockroaches

This is means that your life will be handled by others.

- The cockroaches in your body

Implies that some people do not like you. This also shows that you and people around you will get the trial life.

- See a lot of cockroaches

It's signs that your childish will makes invited problem because the miss understanding controlled by the egoist.

- See 3 cockroaches in your feet

The number of cockroaches signs the complexity of the problem that will come to you. Also, it also shows there will be a regret of your life.

That's some of the creepy things that happen when dreaming of a cockroach. To avoid nightmares, pray before you sleep. so God always keeps you in your sleep

Note: not all cockroach dreams are creepy, but as it turns out, dreaming of cockroaches can be a good sign for you. see my review of the collection of meanings of dreaming cockroaches
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